Almond Flour Tortilla

Tortilla made by machines (Corn Tortillas)

Akbar nearly dies after eating TORTILLA chip.

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How to make Corn TORTILLA(s).

Diablo Salsas at El Segundo


24 Hour Mexican Food – Guess where???

When eating Mexican Food – where are the places in the world that offer Mexican Food 24 hours daily.

Can you guess?

Cheese Quesadilla with Corn Tortilla Crispy made in a pan with Coconut Oil

Make it with a egg white in the middle, basil, touch of spicy jalapeno.


Various Fast Food Places now offering Wheat TORTILLA as part of their healthier alternative to the traditional White Flour TORTILLA.

Places like Coca Cola’s El Pollo Loco are now offering Wheat Tortilla which is an alternative to their original White Flour Tortilla.  Check it out today.



Take some corn tortillas and bake in an oven.

10 minutes at 325 degrees

Tortilla Tacos Irvine Spectrum


Chipotle doesn’t serve white meat chicken

If you ask for white meat chicken they will say “Sorry, its mixed”.

The remains of the shrimp taco at SOL cocina


Sol Cocina Bar vodka soda


Sol Cocina Newport Beach


TRUE FOODS – Newport Beach, CA


1/2 order $XX.XX local vegetable crutites – TRUE FOODS – Newport Beach, CA


$15 for 3 tacos alaska halibut tacos


$9 for an 8oz small glass of very tasty bloody mary – TRUE FOODS – Newport Beach, CA


alaskan halibut fish tacos